Drive exceptional employee experiences

Boost employee engagement and improve customer experiences through your digital workplace with GO, a SharePoint Office 365 intranet by Habanero.

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A SharePoint intranet that goes above and beyond

  • Customizable

    We've thoughtfully developed a set of GO features that can be used as is or customized.

  • Updated by our team

    Our worry-free approach keeps you up to date with new features and SharePoint upgrades.

  • Guided by our intranet experts

    Our team will lead you through the decisions to make your intranet a success.

GO intranets are created by Habanero experts

Habanero has designed and built over 250 intranets, helping organizations rally the resources, support, and focus it takes to create a great employee experience.

  • A great workplace

    Habanero is the #1 Best Workplace in Canada. It’s no wonder customers wanting a better workplace experience turn to GO.

  • Award-winning

    Our intranets have won five Nielsen Norman awards and four Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards.

  • Gartner and industry recognized

    Habanero and our product GO have been featured in articles like the ALM Vanguard and ClearBox reports.

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Don’t underestimate how a new intranet can change a culture. Not only has it made the communications team way more efficient, but it also showcases who we are as a digital company.

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Leah Guimond Director of Corporate Communications | Sleep Number

Our GO intranet features

Habanero intranet experts from start to finish

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