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Boost employee engagement and improve customer experiences through your digital workplace with GO, a SharePoint Office 365 intranet by Habanero.

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A SharePoint intranet that goes above and beyond

  • Customizable

    We've thoughtfully developed a set of GO features that can be used as is or customized.

  • Updated by our team

    Our worry-free approach keeps you up to date with new features and SharePoint upgrades.

  • Guided by our intranet experts

    Our team will lead you through the decisions to make your intranet a success.

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GO intranets are created by Habanero experts

Habanero has designed and built over 250 intranets, helping organizations rally the resources, support, and focus it takes to create a great employee experience.

  • A great workplace

    Habanero is the #1 Best Workplace in Canada. It’s no wonder customers wanting a better workplace experience turn to GO.

  • Award-winning

    Our intranets have won five Nielsen Norman awards and four Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards.

  • Gartner and industry recognized

    Habanero and our product GO have been featured in articles like the ALM Vanguard and ClearBox reports.

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Keeping WestJetters connected

WestJet, one of North America’s most respected travel brands, wanted to reignite their employees' connection with the organization's vision and values and each other. With 12,000 employees, that's not an easy task.

So WestJet took flight with a GO-based intranet. Literally.

Their new GO communication portal connects on-the-go employees to the latest news and important communications. It also supports WestJet’s open and nurturing culture by encouraging dialog and collaboration through integration with Yammer.

Their new communication portal was launched in less than eight weeks using GO.

“Habanero was incredibly tight on process and deadlines. They did a great job of managing the process to hit the milestones we had identified,” Robin Farr, director of internal communications and culture, WestJet

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Don’t underestimate how a new intranet can change a culture. Not only has it made the communications team way more efficient, but it also showcases who we are as a digital company.

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Leah Guimond Director of Corporate Communications | Sleep Number

Our GO intranet features

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Users aren’t finding the content being created for them

Targeting content by role, location, or interests removes the noise and information overload and ensures your employees see and read the content they need.

Habanero intranet experts from start to finish

Ready in 10 weeks

Our quick start process delivers a fully functional, branded intranet in as little as 10 weeks.

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